Babymoov Cosypad Sleep Positioner – Smokey




Babymoov Cosypad Sleep Positioner – Smokey The Babymoov Cosypad is an ergonomic sleep-positioner designed with comfort in mind, perfect for your little one!  This unique sleep positioner has re-positionable and removable positioning rolls to prevent baby from rolling over, whilst providing ultra comfort with a thin, supportive mattress. The Cosypad uses Flex System technology to adapt perfectly to the babies form, and to their preferred sleeping position. This Cosypad provides the perfect support for babies on their back, or on their side (if recommended by the doctor.) Made with soft and breathable fabrics, the Cosypad is an innovative sleep positioner. Features:  •  Cotton / Polyester •  31 cm x 45 cm x 2 cm •  Use from birth to 4-6 months Do not use if baby is able to turn over on their own  

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